Working To Remain Sustainable

Wikipedia starts its description of Sustainability with these sentences –
“Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for the biosphere and human civilization to co-exist.”

A mouthful to be sure and when stated this way, it goes from a common sense concept to something much fuzzier and less capable of assimilation.

What constitutes “Sustainability” in fact differs from individual to individual, making it difficult to evaluate any company’s sustainability statement.  For that reason, Colonial Bronze decided to retain the leading third-party auditor of environmental sustainability claims to independently evaluate our company’s sustainability.

Since 2006, Colonial Bronze has worked with and been audited by SCS Global Services to keep us on the path of improving our ability to co-exist with our environment.

To be certified the Colonial Bronze factory is required to document:

• The source of our copper alloys,
• The recycled content of the material produced by our brass mills
• How the material we purchase is used to make our products
• How we handle and recycle the byproducts that come from the process of making our products

The information must be sufficient to accurately state what percentage of recycled content goes into our product. The required documentation is reviewed by SCS Global analysts and if sufficient, results in a certification of the recycled content of our products. It is important to note that the certification we receive is ONLY VALID FOR ONE YEAR and must be submitted annually to maintain the certification.

Our products are currently certified to contain 94% pre-consumer recycled content. Our 2023 – 2024 certificate is shown below.

thumbnail of ColonialBronze_2023_SCS-RC-01709_s